And now for something new

More racial nonsense.

I have nothing to say about what is honestly an overblown, unoriginal and thoroughly uninteresting nonevent. Either way this turns out, whether it was the police being racist or the guy being a racebaiter, it’s nothing new. It says nothing about our society that we don’t already know. It contributes nothing worthwhile to the public consciousness. It is, more than anything else, a gigantic fucking bore.

But something must be said briefly about the reactions to this bullshit. This is the worst example of peoples inescapable propensity to jump to conclusions without evidence or understanding since we found out the earth was not, in fact, flat. Within moments of this story breaking you had scores of black activists whose shouts of racism were matched in volume only by the old white guys/Fox News hosts who were loudly insisting that there are no more racists and even if there were this is the fucking police we’re talking about *shocked face*.

Guys, shut up. You’re just noise. And this story is just *yawn*.

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