Alright, that’s it

Angry letter writing time!

Dear Mr. President –

So, the All Star Game. You threw out the first pitch. That must’ve been cool. And sitting in the broadcast booth for an inning. Also cool. And before that you sat down and recorded a special with Bob Costas. Again, cool. Definitely even cooler than being on Leno a few months ago, right? As cool as having your own brackets special on ESPN during March Madness? What about your NBC Inside the White House special? Man, you’ve done so many cool things since you were elected that it’s hard to keep track of them all! (And you’re more special than a retard!)

You really have to stop though. I mean, seriously. You’re not a celebrity. You’re not royalty. You’re a public servant. A public servant, and a bit of a high ranking one at that. Any one of these things would be innocuous enough, but put them together along with all the other examples of your self indulgence/promotion and it’s not just unprofessional, and it’s not just embarrassing; it’s damaging.

When you’re the President and you act like this you aren’t just lowering yourself, you are lowering the office. An office that is a whole lot bigger than you. You’re only passing through. And the last two guys did enough damage during their stay in the White House, whether it was that mentally handicapped Texan (there’s redundancy for you) doing his best to completely alienate the rest of the sane world, or Slick Willy needing to get his willy slick on company time. The office of POTUS has lost enough of its luster already without your damn attention-whoring.

I’m not saying the president needs to be aloof, completely detached from the outside world. Again, any one of those instances of having fun with your position, where you show everyone how “normal” you are (“Oooh, the President fills out NCAA brackets, cool!), a little harmless fun; no problem. But you’ve taken it way too far. The White House doesn’t have to be an ivory tower but it can’t be a studio apartment in SoHo either.

So please, stop being everywhere. Stop being a cam whore. Stop being the guy who’s famous for being famous. You’re the President of the United States, not Paris fucking Hilton.

Act like it.

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