“presidential post-acquittal detention power”

Read this.

Greenwald’s Alice in Wonderland comp works perfectly, but what jumped to mind for me was this classic Simpsons exchange.

More and more it’s becoming apparent that our current president has thrown in the towel on any endeavor at true policy reform when it comes to contentious issues. Whether it’s his passing the baton on the institutionalized bigotry of DADT, his near silence on exploring the possibility of criminal prosecution of his criminal Oval Office predecessor, or this latest act of kowtowing to the Cheney cabal’s insistence on unchecked executive power when it comes to running a war, Obama has time and again shown a total unwillingness to take tough, direct action on issues he was all to happy to preach about during his campaign, easier stances to take when word needn’t be backed by deed.

Almost as if he never really intended to fight those battles in the first place.

He didn’t. Barack Obama has long struck me as someone perfectly content to smile for the cameras, say all the right things and champion all the easy legislation. He’s knowledegable, well-spoken and immensely skilled at playing politics, and coming in after the mental midget who had his job for the last eight years he seemed like a breath of fresh air. But when it comes to taking a divisive or unpopular stand, when it comes to telling the hard but necessary truth, when it comes to saying what needs to be said and doing what needs to be done… he just isn’t your guy.

In other words, he’s Bill Clinton. And for a lot of people that’s enough.

And that’s just really lame. Not being a giant fuckup shouldn’t be grounds for celebration.

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