How does this even happen?

It sounds like something you’d see in The Onion, but this actually happened: the governor of South Carolina has, for all intents and purposes, disappeared for the last four days. Just up and vanished.

I’m honestly stupefied. In what world is it acceptable for the chief executive of a state of four and a half million people to basically drop off the face of the earth? For him to send away his security, turn off his phone and just… leave. Are you kidding me?

At least when Bush was jetting off to his ranch every other day for a vacation he had the decency to let us know where the fuck he actually was. This Sanford asshat (and really, just look at the guy), didn’t even tell his wife where he went.

Good god, the southern half of this country is one giant fuck up. In so many, many ways.

Oh, and he’s still not back. From wherever he is (updated: they’re now saying he’s somewhere on the Appalacian Trail. Which narrows it down to a two thousand mile area over fourteen states).

Maybe not the best guy to be in charge. Of, like, anything.

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