That dumb bitch

I can’t take it. This stupid, stupid, stupid stupid stupid Miss California is killing me.

1. Nobody threatened her freedom of speech. She said what she said and then people called her stupid (which she is). That is not abridging her first amendment rights.

2. People called her a bigot because she is. You don’t have to say “I hate them damn niggers!” to be a bigot. She’s not hateful or mean-spirited, but she is unquestionably bigoted.

3. “Opposite marriage”. I don’t even know what to say.

And just to top it all off of course that Trump stooge just had to be involved in all of this somehow, because it wasn’t horrifically annoying enough already.

The only possible good that can come from this pseudo-event is that maybe more people will recognize the Christian right for the collection of stupid, stupid people they are, as they have now taken up the cause of this stupid, stupid, STUPID fucking girl just because in this one instance she parroted the same stupid, stupid shit they cling to.

I can’t believe that there could possibly be a more annoying conservative icon than Joe the Plumber but this mentally eroded cunt makes me wish he’d come back on the scene just to beat her silly after a night of heavy boozing.

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