An apology

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Last Friday upon seeing the new trailer for Watchmen at the movies I casually remarked, in a not too loud voice, “You know, I just think it looks pretty stupid”. Little did I know, however, that the grossly overweight Hurley-ish man seated three rows in front of me was not only within earshot of my harmless bit of amateur advertisement criticism, but would in fact find it so perturbing he would feel the need to turn around and very deliberately give me a stern staredown.

Sir, even knowing that you cannot possibly be reading this I still feel the need to apologize. No doubt you were still recovering from the recently inflicted trauma that was The Dark Knight’s Oscar snubbing. You were clearly were in no condition to be subjected to the excruciating pain that an off the cuff non-adulatory opinion of one of your obsessive fandom interests from a total stranger can bring.

My sincerest possible regrets. 😦

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