Yet another harrumphing A-Roid column by Random Generic Sportswriter #204B6. They’re pretty much all useless but this one especially caught my eye for the raw unintentional irony on display as the writer contrasts A-Rod’s “disappointing” behavior with “one of the best feel good stories in recent memory… the redemption of Josh Hamilton”. Really?

In 1999 Hamilton was drafted by the then Tampa Bay Devil Rays. He received a signing bonus of $4,000,000 which he proceeded to piss away on copious amounts of blow and heroin. For their money the Rays received a grand total of zero games played from Hamilton before they eventually released him years later.

In 2001 A-Rod signed a $252,000,000 10 year contract to play for the Texas Rangers. Feeling pressure to justify this record setting contract with his play on the field, he proceeded to take illegal performance enhancing drugs for which there was no penalty in baseball at the time. Before trading him due to budgetary reasons the Rangers received for their money a grand total of 485 games played by A-Rod out of a possible 486, as well as an average of 52 home runs a year.

So lets review: one guy took illegal performance debilitating drugs not caring whatsoever that he gave a notoriously cash-strapped team zero return on their multimillion dollar investment. The other took illegal performance enhancing drugs intent on living up to the value his team placed on him with their multimillion dollar investment. But the first guy hit a bunch of moonshots in the Home Run Derby last year so all was forgiven.

Yeah, A-Rod’s definitely the bad guy here.

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