Jesus Christ, get over it

Stuff like this is just plain embarrassing.

I love Batman. I enjoyed The Dark Knight. It belongs nowhere near a list of the top five movies of last year. This kind of obsessive, hyperbolic fanboy crap is exactly how backlashes get started: you see a movie, you like it, maybe even a lot, but then a loud group of stupid, ridiculous people decide that it was THE BEST MOVIE EVAR! and go a ways toward turning you off to something you originally enjoyed.

The Dark Knight is not the best movie ever just because Heath Ledger is awesome and dead. It has a bloated runtime, a messy third act, a terribly contrived bad guy plot straight out of the Dr. Evil playbook (the boats) and an overpowered villain (not many people apparently cared that the Joker had the superpower to blow up anything he wanted). It’s a great comic book movie and a good movie on the whole, but it’s not Slumdog or Frost/Nixon or Milk, three other movies that did get Best Picture noms. It does happen to be better than The Reader and Ben Button but there’s a fairly long list of films from last year that would deserve those spots before The Dark Knight (Wrestler, Burn After Reading, In Bruges, Paranoid Park off the top of my head).

Also, gotta love how these whiners are so absolutely certain that The Dark Knight was better than the movies it lost out to when you just know that barely any of them have actually, you know, seen these other movies.

Get the fuck over it.

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