My god

I can’t believe it. I won’t believe it. Take a look if you dare.

It’s true. A 23 year old college kid doing a bong hit. A sight so vile as to defy description.

But really, you have to love the uproar over this. It’s two for one: watch a celebrity get shots taken at him, which people love, AND moralize while wagging fingers at him and tsk tsk’ing over “shameful” behavior that well over a third of all Americans have partaken in at some point in their lives.

Bottom line: zero compelling arguments to defend the illegality of weed in a country where people go through alcohol, tobacco and prescription painkillers like candy. Candy that you eat a lot of at once, like Nerds. Anyone decrying this is an idiot. I’d say Phelps is an idiot for apologizing but placating people in order to keep his endorsements just makes him spineless, not stupid. Besides, with his own interviews the guy makes a better case for his own stupidity than I ever could.

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