Back, and to the left. Back, and to the left.

The NFL’s very own Zapruder film.

Sourced from a copy of NBC’s high def broadcast. Three things here:

  1. Why is it that it takes a random person like me to make something like this, instead of ESPN or some other actual legit outlet?
  2. The NFL is either lying or incompetent when they say the guy in the booth looked at this play and decided it didn’t need to be officially reviewed downstairs. Lying if it’s to cover up a real reason for the no-review (maybe tech difficulties they don’t want to cop to?), incompetent if what they say is true and they really did appoint as replay assistant to the Super Bowl a guy so utterly and obviously incapable of doing the job right.
  3. After exhaustive bioanalysis, as well as watching myself make a football throwing motion in the mirror: incomplete pass. Watch the forearm clearly coming up as he gets ready only a few frames later to twist his wrist around and release the ball; you don’t do that unless you’ve already set yourself, pulled your arm back and are starting your release motion. I also don’t see how he would even raise his forearm up during that kind of whipping motion without it coming forward.

So, first down Arizona at the Pittsburgh 29 yard line with 0:08 on the clock. That’s what we should have gotten. Instead we’re denied maybe the most amazing end in football history because the stripes screwed up. Thanks guys.

(Even if you don’t agree that it’s incomplete, it’s clearly arguable. And no way in hell can the last play of the Super Bowl end with a play like this not being given a full, fair review by the head ref. Point is: Warner’s not the only one who dropped the ball here.)

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